Yamamah Factory Hunnia in Riyadh:

Yamamah Factory is located on an area of 170 thousands square meters it has been allocating portion of this land for the factory and its benefits. The remaining spaces are ready for growth and expansion in the coming years. Production began at Al-Yamamah factory with the beginning of the emergence of the company in 2004, where the productivity of 240 tons per day of Gypsum powder. Where its products widely accepted and widespread after its launch in the market as it is one of the first factories producing gypsum in the kingdom and the gulf. And now the production capacity is up to 400 tons per day.

Al Watania Gypsum Co. Ltd.
Sulaymaniyah - Riyadh - 11516
P.O.Box 63244 -
Tel:+966 (11) 2932366
Fax:+966 (11) 2932366
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia