Added Values

Using the purest raw materials:

In Al Watania Gypsum Company we are committed to use the highest purity of gypsum are in the kingdom .using the best manufacturing technology , in order to obtain high product quality .

Innovative tools for packaging:

We design customized production lines to your wishes in terms of package size, or its kind and cover it with the way you want, taking into account the packing style and flexibility of transmitted and stored until later use. Our techniques and experiences that make us excel in doing this.


The most important thing that built loyalty of our customer is that we give them more choices in their use of our products, Our gypsum boards and raw powder have both of durability and flexibility as well as light weight, and the reason of this success is the color and the whiteness degree, which is made our products first choice for all interior decoration works, it is on the ceiling tiles, in the trappings of homes, office partitions, Walls and others.


The most important factor that increased the confidence of our customer is the quality of our products is that isolated location of our plants far away for industrial and population noise cleanness of our industrial environment. Where this has contributed to enhance the safety of our products and immunity from environmental pollutants during manufacturing. And rationalization in the optimization of consumption of natural resources, and our commitment to the use of recycled materials. All this has made our products safe for interior environment for the properties of reducing the noise faster than concrete walls, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and it does not emit any harmful gases or dusts.