Al Watani Factory in Alqasab area in Yanbu

An extension of the successes of Yamamah factory, and its desire to meet the growing demand, AlWatani factory in Yanbu was opened in 2006 to be the only one of its kind and uses the best technology for the production of gypsum exceed the highest international quality standards and other competitive products in the local and regional markets. And in order to save energy and water; a huge plant to generate electric power with capacity of 5 MW has been installed.in addition to a desalination plant with a capacity of 200 cubic meters per day in 2009. The factory is located on an area of 250 thousand square meters and the commercial production of gypsum powder has begun with productivity power more than 600 tons per day. In 2011 actually production began in added line for Gypsum boards with productivity power more than 8 million square meters per day.

Watani Gypsum Factory
Nabah - 46538
P.O.Box 8623
Yanbu - Umlujj Road
23 KM After Yanbu Cement

Sales & Customer Service
Mobile:+966 593338783
Technical - quality and factories
Mobile:+966 593337839