Saudi Arabia's economy is distinguished by rapidly responding to economic variables at the local. Regional and global levels attested to by successive jumps of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the international classification standards year after year.

It is the biggest economy in the Middle East and North Africa further is one of the 20 largest economies in the world, and the largest direct investment inward, and that's what made it one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

In addition it has an investment environment that is attractive and rapidly adapts to global changes, and also it is the largest free economy in the Middle East and North Africa region.

This excellence in performance is preferred to God, then the vision of the leaders of our Kingdom, and what has been made of the strong partnership between governmental and the private sector.

Where loyal businessmen contributed to promote the development of this country, and they were the right hand of the government to increase the industrial economic progress.

Hence; The determination of late Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi to enhance urban development through the creation of one of the largest factories in the region, as he founded Al-Yamamah Gypsum Factory in Al-Heninah region in Riyadh, and in 2004, the construction market was provided with more than 240 tons per day of gypsum powder and in 2016 has double the production capacity of up to more than 400 tons per day and the desire of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi in the expansion of supply network of the Saudi and regional market, the study has been initiated to creation of Al-Watani gypsum factory in the Alqasab northern Yanbu, which began producing in 2009 with capacity of 600 tons per day.

In 2010, Al-Watani Gypsum Company Ltd has been established, and to the trend to diversify the factory production, in the same year the production of gypsum boards line in the Al-Watani Gypsum factory in Yanbu has been completed with capacity of up to eight million square meters per year, and capacity of up to ten million meters annually at Al-Yamamah factory in Riyadh.

In the continuation of the institutional approach, which was a pillar for Sheikh Mohammed in his administration. In the beginning of the year 2011 the restructuring of the company, was made and the drafting of a new strategy it according to a global vision, and also Al-Watani Gypsum has been incorporated under the system of Al-Rajhi investment Group, with several other companies belonging to Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi & Sons, in order to be part of a major economic arsenal in the national economy system.

Since that time the company's sales exceed its design energy, which is made it an obligatory for administration to take advantage of this growing prosperity, and in order to bring the national product, the company's plan developmental and expansion of production lines, until the development work were completed and commercial operation of this expansion at the end of 2013.